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July 2014

Sytek Enterprises newly updated clean room with improved control over air flow, environmental contaminates and filtering systems is now complete. The improved manufacturing environment including reduced pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, particulates and chemical vapours, has allowed Sytek to meet the demand of new sensitive electrical products and expand it's research and development in electronic printing processes.

Coupled with existing humidity control and ionizers to prevent electrostatic discharge, Sytek is well positioned to meet clarity, electrical performance and zero waste targets for multiple products and projects within the printed electronic industry

March 2014

tangio® printed electronics is a new division of Sytek Enterprises Inc. tangio® was created to get printed electronic products with superior design to market more quickly and efficiently. With this goal in mind tangio® welcomes the opportunity to discuss and collaborate with printed electronics suppliers, designers, scientists and engineers to help get new printed electronic products to market. Please visit our new web site for more information.

October 2013

Sytek's research and development team has developed new print processes to successfully produce a self-regulating heater. New self-regulating positive temperature inks have the added benefit to stabilize heat output minimizing device stress and overheating safety concerns. Design freedoms include low operating voltage, variable size, thickness and flexibility. This low cost, printed laminate heater offers ideal solutions for any industry operating equipment / product in low temperatures or sensitive electronics requiring stable temperatures.

August 2013

Super-thin conductive tracesSytek Enterprises Inc. has developed a new microcircuit process for the printed electronics industry by becoming one of the few companies to accomplish super-thin conductive trace printing. Sytek's has adapted and optimized the printing process, to ensure continuity, reliability and stable resistance down to 3 mil (75 microns) trace and space for conductive traces. New developments in pre-press technology included sourcing new stencil and mesh products to overcome various process limitations. With this accomplishment, the foundation is now set for Sytek's next goal of 2 mil (50 microns). Screen printing fine patterns is becoming a standard within the display industry, as the surface area for electrical traces and connections for all types of electronic devices are being reduced to allow for greater user interface.

July 2013

Clear conductiveSytek Enterprises Inc. capabilities in printed electronic expands again with a new screen printable clear conductive. The new low cost clear ink / coating with dissipative to conductive electrical properties applied through screen printing allows Sytek to offer another product line for printed electronics. Ideal in providing solutions for opacity limitations in membrane switches or displays, shielding, electrostatic discharge, EL lamps, LED backlights, and electronic labels (clear RFIDs).

March 2013

Printable spacers now added to Sytek Enterprise's line up of products offered to the printed electronics industry. The new low cost solution automates the traditionally labour intensive process. Sytek's continual improvement team re-engineered the in-line automatic printing equipment and developed new curing technologies to print and cure the spacer in one operation. Product options including semi-translucent and clear spacers help overcome opacity limitations for back-lit applications and displays.


New low profile Blue LED's now offered at Sytek. Embedded and encapsulated ultra thin Blue LED's now part of our LED selection of a variety of sizes and colours.


Additional high performance incremental force gauge tester added to Sytek's testing equipment to meet the demand for high tolerance Force-Sensing resistors.

In-house environmental testing becomes a reality for Sytek with the purchase of a new environmental testing chamber. Immediate verification and validation of new design concepts and applications now possible (November)

Upgraded in-line print presses added to Sytek's automatic print lines to meet the demand in printed electronics and Force-Sensing switches. HMI programmed, dynamic motor controlled cylinder speed, integrated X,Y,Z registration control and quick turn set up has resulted in new print capabilities and tolerance control (October)

Upgraded in-line vertical dryer added to Sytek's automatic print lines to meet the demand in printed electronics and Force-Sensing switches. Precision heat through HMI controlled sensors, continuous back plate heat and unlimited conventional forced air up to 280 F has resulted in new capabilities in curing control, improved quality (September)

New Daeyoung semiautomatic screen printers added to Sytek's line up of equipment to meet the demand for increased capacity, tolerances and specifications for printed electronics.

Additional in line Force-Sensing Resistor verification equipment added to Sytek's capabilities. Custom software and programming allows for immediate accept response time and integrated recording improving accuracy, reliability and batch analysis (April)

New proprietary medical dispensing patch passes third round approval with FDA (March)


In response to the ever-increasing complexity and demand of Force-Sensing Resistors, Sytek has added an additional horizontal dryer to reach and maintain critical temperatures and environmental control. (January)


New Digital Spectrodensitometer for accurate, reliable and timely colour matching and comparison added to Sytek's line of testing equipment (July)

Additional life cycle tester added to compliment the regular test routines for all Sytek products. (October)

ISO9001:2008 Certification in place. (September)


Rush delivery prototyping and production are now offered on a four-day quick turn service. (February)

In-house digital printing becomes a reality at Sytek with the purchase of a high-resolution digital printer. (January)


Trials have been announced to confirm optimal design criteria for producing force-sensing resistors (F-S-Rs) on flexicircuits, Kapton, and Ultem for use as a directional sensor in a hand-held device. (November)

Two more products pass PPAP approval that includes full automotive IMDS compliance. (November)

Successful QMI follow-up audit for Sytek's ISO 9002:2000 registration. (September)

F-S-R product development continues with the introduction of two new F-S-R inks. (August)

In response to the ever-increasing complexity of switch designs and the need to identify tighter tolerances of resistance, Sytek has added additional membrane switch test equipment and test procedures for conformity verification. (August)

Version 2 of our customized software is now active, ensuring traceability through the use of batch documentation of F-S-R resistance using curve data analysis. (August)


Sytek completes its program to become 100% ROHS compliant across all of its products. (November)

Mirror Ink is now available (with certain restrictions) for enhancing graphic design and detail. (November)

Model 2008 automotive products have now been fully approved for production. IMDS compliance was completed this week. (October)

We have now completed a vendor analysis of a Chinese manufacturer of elastomer rubber keypads, circuit boards, and injection moldings. With the addition of a company situated in Shenzhen, China, Sytek is now able to add further turnkey solutions as a one-stop supplier, as well as offer further cost-effective solutions on our standard products for customers requesting offshore capability. (June)

In response to the added flexibility of having products laser cut, Sytek has added a second 50w laser to meet demands. (June)

The acquisition of a specialty force gauge has been added to our process control to assist in the conformity of FSR production. (May)

Sytek manufactures the longest membrane switch in the world. Delivery was made this week on a quantity of 60-foot-long continuous membrane switches to be used in a sporting application. (March)

Tactile stainless steel domes incorporating a center cutaway hole, to allow light transmission, have been added to Sytek's membrane switch options. (March)

Installation of further equipment to enhance our roll-to-roll line is complete. A high-temperature oven gives us the capability of higher throughput of conductive silver and carbon inks requiring elevated temperatures, and an in-line clean machine will continue to ensure the highest possible quality and reliability of our switch products. (March)


International Material Data System (IMDS): New regulations in the automotive industry have required Sytek to list the raw materials used in its products and have restricted the use of prohibited materials. Sytek now has seven environmentally friendly parts fully compliant and accepted in this database. (July)


Sytek finalizes plan of implementation for target modules of QS 16949. (December)

Improved surface-mount LED adhesion by adding new capabilities in encapsulating technology: Sytek can now encapsulate LEDs, dramatically increasing their durability on flexible substrates. (October)

Sytek's long history of supplying OEM automotive products continues to grow with a new line of speedometers and tachometer gauges designed specifically for extreme environmental conditions on ATVs and skidoos. (August)

Radio frequency identification and wireless technology have advanced significantly over the years. Sytek has responded by developing RFID wireless antennas in a variety of materials from copper foil to high-volume roll-to-roll silver conductive printing. (May)

Point-of-use medical device products have changed many of the traditional test methods for diabetics. Sytek has developed ink and print processes to supply high-volume roll-to-roll diagnostic test strips. (April)

Sytek successfully completes process capability studies to print narrow traces of conductive silver—as low as 0.008" in width. (January)


Complementing Sytek's membrane switch tail termination capabilities, Sytek has added Nicomatic CrimpFlex pins and housings. (December)

Sytek membrane switch incorporating LED components is undergoing tests for US military approval. (November)

Digital printing has revolutionized the graphics industry. Sytek has developed the processes to combine digital printing with screen printing, resulting in photo-quality images with the protection and rich colours that can be achieved only with screen printing. (September)

Being registered to ISO 9001:1994 since 1996, Sytek has successfully upgraded its Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2000. (September)

Newly developed dielectric printing processes have resulted in improved withstand voltage (up to 4000 volts) and failures to better than 6 per million. (August)

Sytek joins the Society for Information Display. (June)


Sytek moves to a new facility. Custom-built for our needs and manufacturing applications, our new facility contains class 100,000 clean rooms and state-of-the-art work environments. (August)

In the process of designing Sytek's new manufacturing facility, further environmental controls and improved recycling initiatives have been implemented. (August)

New switch designs can eliminate the need for dielectric prints completely with the development of the laser-etched "through hole via." (July)

By controlling dimensional variation on an elastomeric keypad containing 134 keys, Sytek has successfully developed one of the largest elastomeric overlay/membrane switch combinations in the industry. (June)

Adding to its IMD capabilities for decorating plastic injected parts, Sytek can now offer vacuum/thermoforming, new colours, and full engineering support, including reverse engineering from three-dimensional finished products. (March)

Sytek partners with a company in the Silicon Valley. Being part of their worldwide alliance helps each member remain competitive and consistent by sharing resources on a subcontract basis. (March)


Sytek has added new testing software from Tricor as part of its continual improvement for membrane switch tests and inspections. (November)

Automated vision system monitors dimensional accuracy on Chrysler product. (March)

Modifications to equipment now allow Sytek to monitor colour values and gather photometric data (FTL and u'v' in line. (January)

Sytek tradeshow sample and prototype lead time has been reduced by adding a new laser cutter, eliminating the need for hard tooling. (January)


Sytek's expertise used in the development of Ballard fuel cells. (August)

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