I just wanted to thank Sytek for the good work on the keypads. Getting the keypads here on time really made for a great presentation and we will be installing the first system on Monday. Please congratulate your team on a job well done.

Patrick, Profire Energy

I hear Sytek saved the day this past weekend, rushing through an order on Friday and delivering it on Saturday! Please let everyone know how much we appreciated the extraordinary customer service.

Tina Lefebvre, NovAtel Inc.

Your great work at Sytek is a big part of our success, and we hope this brings more business to both our companies!

Ilya Rosenberg, Touchco, Inc.

Your extraordinary effort paid off with successful parts. LiveScribe were blown away with the effort you put into making the parts for them. The challenge of making such a small device with this very low actuation force of 15 grams is quite an accomplishment!

Franklin Eventoff, Sensitronics, LLC

Thank you for the great support we receive. We really appreciate doing business with a company such as yours and appreciate the efforts that you and your staff have gone to on our behalf.

Anne Jones, Schneider Electric

Sytek has proven to be a reliable supplier over the many years we've worked with them. From membrane switches to product labels, Sytek has worked with us to provide custom solutions that meet the strict requirements of the food equipment industry. We look forward to working with Sytek for many years to come.

Shaun Calderwood, Perfect Fry Company

Sytek, with its prompt and courteous service has been instrumental in Hubbell's continued success in servicing our customers.

Len Benedetto, Hubbell Wiring Systems

Just got the new label out of inventory. It looks GREAT!!! Colours are perfect! Fit is nice and tight! You guys rock!!!! Thanks so much for all your help. I look forward to more "label adventures" with you in the future.

Christine MacKinnon, Net Safety Monitoring Inc.

It is truly refreshing to see that Sytek understands the meaning of "customer service." Too many times I deal with suppliers who don't understand that their inside sales (customer support) people play an important role in developing and maintaining customer relations. Sytek's customer service department understands their industry and knows what is important to the customer.

Alex Amesquita, Elgar Electronic Corp.

Sytek took our original keypad design and were able to quickly manufacture exactly what we needed. The quality of both the connector and the keypad have contributed in large part to our product's reliability. In addition, their ability to deliver the keypads within quoted lead times keeps our production schedule on track.

David Wilde, Accutrak Systems Ltd.

Everyone was very impressed with form, fit, function and overall appearance of the decals we purchased.

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Phone calls are promptly returned, the sales staff are very knowledgeable and the engineering staff are thorough in their reviews.

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