Our 2012 year in review

Additional high performance incremental force gauge tester added to Sytek's testing equipment to meet the demand for high tolerance Force-Sensing resistors.

In-house environmental testing becomes a reality for Sytek with the purchase of a new environmental testing chamber. Immediate verification and validation of new design concepts and applications now possible (November)

Upgraded in-line print presses added to Sytek's automatic print lines to meet the demand in printed electronics and Force-Sensing switches. HMI programmed, dynamic motor controlled cylinder speed, integrated X,Y,Z registration control and quick turn set up has resulted in new print capabilities and tolerance control (October)

Upgraded in-line vertical dryer added to Sytek's automatic print lines to meet the demand in printed electronics and Force-Sensing switches. Precision heat through HMI controlled sensors, continuous back plate heat and unlimited conventional forced air up to 280 F has resulted in new capabilities in curing control, improved quality (September)

New Daeyoung semiautomatic screen printers added to Sytek's line up of equipment to meet the demand for increased capacity, tolerances and specifications for printed electronics.

Additional in line Force-Sensing Resistor verification equipment added to Sytek's capabilities. Custom software and programming allows for immediate accept response time and integrated recording improving accuracy, reliability and batch analysis (April)

New proprietary medical dispensing patch passes third round approval with FDA (March)

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