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Force Sensing


Force Sensing Resistors (FSRs) are a cost-effective technology for detecting applied force in a wide range of application areas. Small, light and highly customisable, a Force Sensing Resistor could be the perfect HMI solution in your next product! 

Force Sensing Resistors


The force-sensing resistor is an evolution of the membrane switch using similar design principles and related manufacturing techniques.


What defines a force-sensing resistor is its unique characteristic of dynamic resistance relative to the amount of pressure applied to the device. In general, the more pressure applied to the surface of the sensor, the greater the decrease in resistance.


They are currently found in a wide range of industry applications, including automotive sensors, computer input devices, interactive toys, medical dispensing, musical instruments and sports equipment to name a few.


In 2014, Sytek created a new division called Tangio Printed Electronics, to focus on the research and development of innovative printed electronics 

Developing a custom resistive force sensor with Tangio starts with a discovery phase where our engineers will discuss the desired user experience and your mechanical and electrical requirements.


We provide expert advice not only on the sensor design but also on the sensor integration into your product, to ensure consistent and repeatable results. 


Sytek has full turn-key in-house production facilities for rapid prototyping and high quality offshore production partners for mass production.

Time to prototypes is typically only a few weeks, and costs compare very favourably with other technologies.

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