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Sytek Enterprises Inc. has full turn-key manufacturing facilities in Vancouver, Canada as well as strategic partnerships with offshore facilities in Singapore, China and India.

Canada (Head Office)

Sytek Enterprises Inc. is based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. We have a full turn-key manufacturing facility with state of the art equipment for screen making, screen printing, laser cutting, die cutting, laminating and testing parts. This allows us to offer rapid prototyping and quick turn production runs. Our customers in North America benefit from the USMCA (previously NAFTA) trade agreement along with fast and cost-effective shipping.


In recent years Singapore has become a very attractive location for offshore mass production of printed electronics and graphic solutions. The USA has a free trade agreement with Singapore, allowing goods manufactured in Singapore to be easily imported into America. Goods made in Singapore are renowned for their consistency and high quality. We have partnered with an excellent manufacturer in Singapore with over 30 years of printed electronics experience and strong presence in the global market.


Sytek Enterprises Inc. has multiple manufacturing partners in mainland China that we have rigorously qualified to ensure they meet our high quality standards. Each manufacturing partner has been selected due to their expertise in manufacturing goods such as labels, graphic, membrane switches, force sensing resistors and elastomeric keypads. Talk to one of our customer service representatives today about the benefits of mass production of your products in China in one of our industry leading facilities. 


India is quickly becoming known as an excellent source for cost effective and high quality custom manufactured parts. Our manufacturing partner in India can produce a wide range of printed electronics and graphics solutions, including parts made to automotive industry specifications.

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