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From rapid prototyping to mass production, Sytek can help you bring your product to life quickly and effectively.

Customer-focused manufacturing

Our facility and production techniques ensure consistent, precise results regardless of the volume. We recognize that every customer and product is different, and our flexibility allows us to accommodate this. No matter whether you are at the start of designing a new product or looking for an alternative supplier for your existing products, you can contact our Customer Service Department to discuss your individual needs. We can help you reach your product delivery requirements and provide logistics support including:

  • Research and development.

  • Rapid prototyping.

  • First articles.

  • Mass production runs.

  • Building sub-assemblies and assemblies.

  • Design for manufacture (DFM) optimization.

  • Just-in-time shipments.

  • Blanket orders and scheduled release inventory.

  • Customized packaging and labeling.

Manufacturing processes

Sytek Enterprises utilizes state of the art equipment to produce a wide range of products and deliver high quality parts. Below is a list of just some of the different manufacturing processes that we perform in our facility:

  • Color matching and color mixing.

  • Screen printing UV and solvent based inks.

  • Digital printing.

  • Forced air thermal, ultra-violet (UV) and infra-red (IR) drying.

  • Laminating.

  • Embossing including rail, dome and pillow embossing.

  • Die Cutting.

  • Laser cutting.

  • Picking and placing metal domes, resistors and LEDs.

  • Label doming.

  • In-mold decorating.

  • Metal printing and stamping.

  • Gasket cutting.


Sytek Enterprises holds stock of a large range of materials from industry leading suppliers such as 3M, McDermid Autotype, Henkel and Nicomatic. We can also source specialty materials from vendors of your choice or hold stock of customer supplied materials.


  • UV cure and solvent-based color inks including deadfront window inks.

  • Conductive inks suck as silver and carbon inks.

  • Insulative inks including standard and stretchable dielectric ink.

  • Force Sensing Resistive inks.


  • Polyester (PET) with finishes including gloss, matte velvet, anti-glare and hard coat.

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for stretchable circuitry.

  • Polycarbonate .

  • Paper (low cost disposable printed electronics).

  • Vinyl.

  • Metal.


  • Standard 3M pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs).

  • Special 3M PSAs including low surface energy applications.

  • Printed adhesives for intricate and selective applications.

  • Electrically conductive (Z-axis and XYZ-axis) tape.


  • ZIF and LIF connections.

  • Pins/housings from Nicomatic, Berg and Amp.

  • Solder tabs.

  • Anisotropic conductive tape.

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