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Minimizing the impact of Coronavirus on supply chains and deliveries

VANCOUVER, Canada, Feb 27th 2020 – Sytek Enterprises Inc., global experts in User Interface Solutions, reassures its clients in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The world currently faces an unfortunate and difficult challenge posed by the COVID-19 virus. Our thoughts obviously turn to those directly impacted by the disease, and we wish all a speedy return to health and normality.

In the meantime, Sytek is leveraging its global footprint to minimize impact on our existing and prospect customers.

Sytek products are produced in factories located in Canada, Singapore, India, as well as China. Whilst output in China may be impacted by the restrictions in place to address Coronavirus, our supply chains in other territories are currently unaffected.

We are working closely with our partners around the world to minimize the ongoing potential for shortages of products or services sources from China and other effected regions.

Additionally, we are working with customers to ensure lines continue to be supplied, by pulling-in and over-building products where appropriate or necessary.

If you have any concerns regarding the effects of Coronavirus on the supply of your Sytek product, please don’t hesitate to contact your existing customer service representative to discuss in more detail.

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