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Sytek updates for 2002

Sytek moves to a new facility. Custom-built for our needs and manufacturing applications, our new facility contains class 100,000 clean rooms and state-of-the-art work environments. (August)

In the process of designing Sytek's new manufacturing facility, further environmental controls and improved recycling initiatives have been implemented. (August)

New switch designs can eliminate the need for dielectric prints completely with the development of the laser-etched "through hole via." (July)

By controlling dimensional variation on an elastomeric keypad containing 134 keys, Sytek has successfully developed one of the largest elastomeric overlay/membrane switch combinations in the industry. (June)

Adding to its IMD capabilities for decorating plastic injected parts, Sytek can now offer vacuum/thermoforming, new colours, and full engineering support, including reverse engineering from three-dimensional finished products. (March)

Sytek partners with a company in the Silicon Valley. Being part of their worldwide alliance helps each member remain competitive and consistent by sharing resources on a subcontract basis. (March)

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