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Meet The Experts in

User Interface Solutions

From membrane switches and screen printed labels & decals to fully integrated front panel modules, Sytek delivers over three decades of user interface expertise. Tangio, our specialist printed electronics division, adds the latest innovations in touch & force sensing, wearables, biosensors, PTC heating and more


Satisfying all Your Human-Machine Interface Needs

Sytek offers a broad range of standard and custom user interface products including:

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Sytek force sensors are found inside many of today's leading touch responsive musical instruments and consumer electronics products


Robust solutions based on 35+ years of experience, with products ranging from labels, overlays and membrane switches through to force sensing resistors


From gauges and dials through to next-generation user interfaces, Sytek can provide custom solutions to meet your exact specifications



We understand the medical device approval process and the importance of quality and repeat-ability for you and your customers


Safety products and devices are critical in today's workplace. We can meet you exact specifications and print to UL and CSA standards


Bio-mechanical sensors and printed heaters can be integrated seamlessly into your wearable products such as insoles, jackets and gloves



Tina Lefebvre, NovAtel Inc.

I hear Sytek saved the day this past weekend, rushing through an order on Friday and delivering it on Saturday! Please let everyone know how much we appreciated the extraordinary customer service.

Christine MacKinnon,

Net Safety Monitoring Inc.

Just got the new label out of inventory. It looks GREAT!!! Colours are perfect! Fit is nice and tight! You guys rock!!!! Thanks so much for all your help. I look forward to more "label adventures" with you in the future.

Anne Jones, Schneider Electric

Thank you for the great support we receive. We really appreciate doing business with a company such as yours and appreciate the efforts that you and your staff have gone to on our behalf.

Top To Bottom

Engineered Solutions

Fine detail user interface graphic layers

Wide variety of flexible substrates available

Actuators, metal domes and tactile feedback

Resistive, capacative and hybrid sensing

Encapsulating layers and mounting adhesives


Best In Class

Force Sensing Resistors

Tangio, the printed electronics division of Sytek, makes a range of standard force sensing resistors with unparalleled repeatability, hysterisis and thermal performance. Our sensors enable you to perform rapid prototyping and design verification. Our engineering team can provide detailed integration advice and create a custom sensing solution to match your requirements.

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