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2003 production updates

Complementing Sytek's membrane switch tail termination capabilities, Sytek has added Nicomatic CrimpFlex pins and housings. (December)

Sytek membrane switch incorporating LED components is undergoing tests for US military approval. (November)

Digital printing has revolutionized the graphics industry. Sytek has developed the processes to combine digital printing with screen printing, resulting in photo-quality images with the protection and rich colours that can be achieved only with screen printing. (September)

Being registered to ISO 9001:1994 since 1996, Sytek has successfully upgraded its Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2000. (September)

Newly developed dielectric printing processes have resulted in improved withstand voltage (up to 4000 volts) and failures to better than 6 per million. (August)

Sytek joins the Society for Information Display. (June)

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