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2008 printed graphics and electronics year in review

In-house digital printing becomes a reality at Sytek with the purchase of a high-resolution digital printer. (December)

Trials have been announced to confirm optimal design criteria for producing force-sensing resistors (F-S-Rs) on flexicircuits, Kapton, and Ultem for use as a directional sensor in a hand-held device. (November)

Two more products pass PPAP approval that includes full automotive IMDS compliance. (November)

Successful QMI follow-up audit for Sytek's ISO 9002:2000 registration. (September)

F-S-R product development continues with the introduction of two new F-S-R inks. (August)

In response to the ever-increasing complexity of switch designs and the need to identify tighter tolerances of resistance, Sytek has added additional membrane switch test equipment and test procedures for conformity verification. (August)

Version 2 of our customized software is now active, ensuring traceability through the use of batch documentation of F-S-R resistance using curve data analysis. (August)

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