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Sytek's year in review for 2004

Sytek finalizes plan of implementation for target modules of QS 16949. (December)

Improved surface-mount LED adhesion by adding new capabilities in encapsulating technology: Sytek can now encapsulate LEDs, dramatically increasing their durability on flexible substrates. (October)

Sytek's long history of supplying OEM automotive products continues to grow with a new line of speedometers and tachometer gauges designed specifically for extreme environmental conditions on ATVs and skidoos. (August)

Radio frequency identification and wireless technology have advanced significantly over the years. Sytek has responded by developing RFID wireless antennas in a variety of materials from copper foil to high-volume roll-to-roll silver conductive printing. (May)

Point-of-use medical device products have changed many of the traditional test methods for diabetics. Sytek has developed ink and print processes to supply high-volume roll-to-roll diagnostic test strips. (April)

Sytek successfully completes process capability studies to print narrow traces of conductive silver—as low as 0.008" in width. (January)

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