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2006 news and updates

Sytek completes its program to become 100% ROHS compliant across all of its products. (November)

Mirror Ink is now available (with certain restrictions) for enhancing graphic design and detail. (November)

Model 2008 automotive products have now been fully approved for production. IMDS compliance was completed this week. (October)

We have now completed a vendor analysis of a Chinese manufacturer of elastomer rubber keypads, circuit boards, and injection moldings. With the addition of a company situated in Shenzhen, China, Sytek is now able to add further turnkey solutions as a one-stop supplier, as well as offer further cost-effective solutions on our standard products for customers requesting offshore capability. (June)

In response to the added flexibility of having products laser cut, Sytek has added a second 50w laser to meet demands. (June)

The acquisition of a specialty force gauge has been added to our process control to assist in the conformity of FSR production. (May)

Sytek manufactures the longest membrane switch in the world. Delivery was made this week on a quantity of 60-foot-long continuous membrane switches to be used in a sporting application. (March)

Tactile stainless steel domes incorporating a center cutaway hole, to allow light transmission, have been added to Sytek's membrane switch options. (March)

Installation of further equipment to enhance our roll-to-roll line is complete. A high-temperature oven gives us the capability of higher throughput of conductive silver and carbon inks requiring elevated temperatures, and an in-line clean machine will continue to ensure the highest possible quality and reliability of our switch products. (March)

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